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Cinematographer & Editor

Spring 2022

An editorial video filmed alongside a photoshoot for the BU magazine, Off the Cuff.  


Writer & Director

Fall 2021

Two college students on the search for a couch finally find one on the side of the street after a night out. Little do they realize the magnitude its place in their apartment will make on their friendship.


Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Fall 2021

A classical pianist must navigate an abusive relationship with a metalhead guitarist when their sounds don’t align.

A Portrait of Jess Phillips: Finding Peace

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Fall 2020 

This documentary follows Jess Phillips, a young college student on the search for tranquility through her yoga practice. 

Seeking Connection

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Fall 2020

At the height of a global pandemic, a young college student yearns to escape isolation and find love. 

Found Footage: A Note on College

Editor, Sound Design

Fall 2020

A short reflective piece on the velocity of time while at college.

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